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What is OBR?

OBR is an incubator and repository for OSGi bundles. For those who are unaware, the OSGi Alliance is a consortium working on defining standards for delivering and managing dynamically downloadable services into networked environments. The OSGi Alliance has defined a dynamically extensible framework for this purpose, which supports the dynamic deployment and execution of components, called bundles. The OSGi framework provides an excellent platform for building dynamically extensible applications.

OBR has two two main goals:

The main approach that OBR uses to achieve these goals is to provide simple access mechanisms for the bundles in the repository. Consequently, there are multiple ways to access the repository bundles:

While many of the bundles were developed for the Oscar OSGi framework implementation, they should work with other implementations, such as Knopflerfish.


The following is a complete list of all bundles in the OBR repository. Not all bundles are hosted on this site and individual bundles have varying licenses; please consult the individual bundle documentation for details. The source for these bundles is an excellent way to learn how to implement bundles, but you may also want to review the bundle tutorial.

Submitting Bundles

Currently, there is no automated way to submit a bundle to OBR. To submit a bundle to OBR, send its meta-data, encoded in the XML format used by OBR, to Richard S. Hall; see the repository.xml for examples. Refer to the bundle source packaging section of the Bundle Repository bundle documentation. In the future, tools could be developed to simplify this process and make it possible to generate bundle manifest and OBR meta-data formats.

Note: It is not necessary to physically host your bundle on this site. It is possible to just add your bundle's meta-data to OBR and have the meta-data URLs point to your own host.


Any questions? Want to include your bundle? Want to contribute? Contact Richard S. Hall.


Rob Walker from Ascert.
Stephane Frenot from l'INSA de Lyon.
Humberto Cervantes from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana - Iztapalapa.
Didier Donsez from LSR-IMAG.
Stephane Chomat from LSR-IMAG.

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