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What is mangen

Creation of OSGi bundle manifests can become a tedious and sometimes error prone task. Omissions of either import or export packages can lay dormant for long periods of time until specific code paths are executed. When an ommission does show up, it's usually with an unfriendly and often hard to track ClassNotFoundException and an accompanying stack trace.

The goal of mangen is to automate as far as possible the process of creating bundle manifests by processing a set of bundle JAR files and generating a set of required imports and possible exports by scanning the classes present.

Class scanning can only ever determine a total set of class and package names referenced and only in simple name form. This is unlikely to be sufficient for most applications, and hence mangen includes an extensible rule mechansim to allow this total set to be reduced, refined, and augmented with OSGi specific attributes such as package version information.


User documentation for mangen can be found here. This documentation is also included in the download files.


Download the latest mangen version here


Any questions? Want to include your bundle? Want to contribute? Contact Rob Walker.


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