Telnet Service

This bundle provides a simple, but usable Telnet Service, allowing telnet based console and command access to other OSGi bundles. The motivation behind its creation is to allow an OSGi command shell to be accessed remotely for diagnostic and control purposes. This shell is included within the bundle, also providing an example of using the Telnet Service. The bundle is fully usable in its current form, however there is plenty of scope for enhancement and improvement.

The bundle includes the TelnetD library (an embeddable telnet daemon), Copyright (C) 2000 Dieter Wimberger. This library is redistributed in binary form as permitted under the terms of the BSD license.

SoftSell Business Systems, as part of their OpenOSGi Project

Common Public License

Relevant interface(s)
public interface TelnetService
public void addShell(String name, Object shellFactory);
public void removeShell(String name);

// The shellFactory instance is required to support the following static factory method:

public static Shell createShell()

// and remaining handling is as documented in the TelnetD library:

public interface Shell extends ConnectionListener
public void run(Connection con);

At present, the original TelnetD configuration properties are used for openosgi-telnetd bundle. These can be found in the "resource" directory of the telnetd package.

The openosgi-telnetd also provides the following property:

These properties can be configured using the standard file as described in the usage document.