Shell Plugin

Release version: 1.0.3 - February 18, 2005 ( changes )


This bundle implements three Plugin services for the Shell GUI bundle for Oscar. The implemented plugins provide functionality for the viewing the list of currently installed bundles, accessing Oscar's shell service, and accessing Oscar's bundle repository; each of these is described in more detail below.

Bundle List Plugin

The bundle list plugin provides convenient access to the list of installed bundles and to the most common bundle deployment functions. To install a bundle, simply type its URL into the provided text field and press the "Install" button. To start, stop, update, or uninstall bundles, simply select them in the table and click the appropriate button. To shutdown the framework, select the System Bundle and press the "Stop" button.

Shell Plugin

The shell plugin provides text-based access to Oscar's shell service and provides identical functionality to the Shell TUI bundle. Simply type commands (type help for available commands) into the text field at the bottom and their output is directed to the text area above. Use the <up-arrow> key to access the previous command history.

OBR Plugin

The OBR plugin provides access to Oscar's bundle repository service. To install/start from the repository, including all of its deployment dependencies, simply select the desired bundle from the list and click on the "Install all"/"Start all" button. If you do not want to install the bundle's dependencies, simply click on the "Install" button.


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